5 Ways Real Estate Professionals Get Leads from Digital Marketing.

5 Ways Real Estate Professionals Get Leads from Digital Marketing.

As a real estate professionals, you understand that one of the first places your potential clients go when looking for a home is online. In fact, 94 percent of buyers went online to find their future homes. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re ready to engage them in the digital space (digital marketing)in a way that translates to real-life business.

Establishing your online presence is simple enough. Setting up a website, sending emails to prospects and posting on social media are top ways to reach prospects online. The tricky part is figuring out how to utilize those tools in an effective way that establishes your brand, engages your customers and gets you leads.

Here are some ways to make sure when buyers go online to look for a home, they find you.
  1. Make sure you have the responsive website that drives traffic and helps you capture and cultivate leads. Now, we’re not talking about just any old website here. While it’s easy enough to set up your own website and go it alone, companies like Mint Media can provide you with a custom responsive website.
  2. Get social. Make sure you take advantage of Social Media marketing tools. But be careful to comply with RERA rules and regulations.
  3. Make your listings shareable. Of course, you want to have simple, prominent social share buttons, but that’s not all. You can make your listings more shareable by ensuring they have responsive layouts and clear photography.
  4. Create an email newsletter and send e-mail blasts to your database. This is one of the best ways to leverage email marketing to contact new leads and stay in touch with existing customers. They’re a great place to share content like upcoming open houses, market reports, or recent blogs you’ve posted.
  5. Create an email and text drip campaign. This kind of campaign makes sure you’re customizing your communications based on where your prospect is in the sales cycle. If they’ve attended an open house with you, send them an email highlighting similar nearby homes on the market. If they’ve reached out to express interest in working with you, send them a blog posts you’ve written that outlines things new home buyers should know. If you give your customers content that is pertinent to their situation, they’re more likely to take the next step.

The internet has made it easier than ever for real estate to provide a useful service to their prospects. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of these digital tools and create an integrated online presence, driving more qualified leads to your site.

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