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Let’s see How to Optimise Your Social Media Presence for Sales

Your Social Media presence for sales is continuously evolving: from the way that users interact with brands on the platform, to the algorithm changes that keep digital marketers on their toes. It’s difficult to figure out what can help your business transform followers into sales. If you have noticed a lack of growth, or a drop in followers on your brand’s page it may be time to ask yourself if you are talking to your followers or talking at them.

The first thing you should do is take a step back and look at what content is posted on each platform, analyse the interactions with clients and find where there is room for improvement.

The sales funnel is a classic representation of how consumers are converted into sale. This is a valuable tool in optimising your Social Media presence for Sales. It is crucial to understand the importance of the Awareness and Familiarity stage in the process. Through engagement and quality content individuals will become familiar with a brand enough to be pushed towards the Consideration stage.


  • Stage One: Awareness
    This is when someone likes your page through shared posts, boosted posts, Facebook Ads, or suggested pages. Users will follow your account to see what interesting content you have to offer.
  • Stage Two: Familiarity
    Familiarity comes when followers begin engaging with your Social Media updates by pressing like, commenting, or sharing posts. They keep coming back to read updates because you are offering them something of value, not just cold calling sales pitches.
  • Stage Three: Consideration
    This is the stage where CTAs (Call-To-Action) and the promotion of products or services becomes relevant. Strategically targeted Facebook Ads are effective in this stage.
  • Stage Four: Purchase
    This is when a follower clicks through on Facebook Ads, or Buy Buttons to complete their first purchase.
  • Stage Five: Loyalty
    After their transaction, customers continue to interact with the Social Media platform by liking posts, sending private messages if there are any issues and even potentially leaving (a hopefully positive) review for the product or service that they received.

Arguably, you cannot expect everyone who is in the Awareness or Familiarity stage to make a purchase when optimising your social media branding. Using the ‘social’ in Social Media is a valuable tool in increasing awareness, engagement and building trust with your followers. Finally, once you build that trust, then Consideration can bring followers to a transaction. Respect your audience and ensure that user experience is at the forefront of your strategy to help create a successful customer experience.

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